référence : RPRCD 18

Track list :
1-The Four Aces : When you’re gone
2-The Ol’ Bry : Ghost highway
3-Howlin’ Jaws : Get the thrill
4-Roy Thompson and the Mellow Kings : Little red ridin’ Hood
5-Studebakers : She was my baby
6-Rockin’ bones trio : Whistle baid
7-Sarah Savoy and the Francadians : Mean,mean man
8-Yann the Corrupted : Trouble bound
9-The swingin’ dice : Down the road Apiece
10-Grizzly Family : Idian Joe
11-The Rockin’ boys : Rockabilly man
12-Little Loolie and the surfing Rogers : Arabian Night
13-Three on a match : Hard time coming
14-C.Cil andTony : Gimme your love
15-Muskrat : Gorgeous sinner
16-Grown Electric Combo : Desperate Hours
17-Kathy and the Firebrands : You better take a Powder
18-Big Wireman : My lady
19-Jamy and the Rockin’ trio : Sally wants to Rock
20-Riot rockin’ Teds : Wild Rock’n’Roll
21-The Wolfgangs : Break the routine
22-Milton and the Wildtones : My kindof woman
23-Emer and the Giant Affair : Jackson
24-The Black Prints : Rock’n’Roll on the radio
25-Ricky Amigos : Three steps to heaven

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