référence : RPRCD 29

Track list : 1-The Capitols : Don’t 2-The Slackjaws : I Got Tired 3-Atomic Cats : Hot Night 4-Drew Davies Rhythm Combo : You Make Me Shake 5-The Wild Goners : Move It Over Rover 6-Marilyn And The Rockin’ Bombs : Hysteric Love 7-Ducky Jim Trio : Goodbye Goodbye 8-Hot Gang : Speed Swing 9-Gun Saloon Especial : Deep In A Mine 10-Hoop’s 45 : Hoop’s 45 11-Angry Cats : Fan The Flames Of Discontent 12-The Hip Quakers : Oochie Coochie 13-Little Lou : I Thought I Told You Not To Tell Them 14-Moscats : Teenager’s Mother 15-Wild Boogie Combo : She Breaks Me Down 16-Six-five Special : Teddy Boy Stomp 17-Los Perfectos : Adios Amigos 18-Milwaukee : Blue Moon Nights 19-Red Hot Nipples : Tell Me The Truth 20-The Sevrian Vets : Good Place We Can Dance 21-Eddy Ray Cooper : Lost In Boogie 22-Kad and The 55 : Blue Moon Baby 23-The Alley Cats : Goodbye Little Star 24-The Flyin’ Cats : Hot Rod Gang 25-Stéphane Hermlyn : Brand New Cadillac

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